One of the main reasons I teach is to share the benefits of yoga with people who find yogic practice inaccessible, whether because of race, class, gender, sexuality, body size, and/or ability.  I teach a vigorous, yet nurturing, class that links the posture and breathwork on the mat to the personal and social transformation that takes place off the mat.  In 2012 I completed a 200 hour teacher training with Bhava Yoga Center and have also trained with the Live, Love, Teach program.  Since then I’ve taught at various yoga studios and the Northampton Massachusetts YMCA as well as provided community-based classes for queer and trans folks in spaces including a collective bookstore, a barn, my living room, a community room, and numerous college LGBTQ centers.  My objective is to facilitate a space where all bodies, sizes, and abilities are welcome and celebrated while emphasizing consent, body positivity, queer and trans inclusivity, and being mindful of cultural appropriation.

Currently I am available for private individual or group sessions in the Madison, WI metro area, and sometimes western Massachusetts and southern Vermont.